Day #4 My Day Off [Photos]

Day #3 Ritsa Lake – A Russian Bus Tour [Photos]

When I woke up the sun was shining through my window. I had made plans to go to Ochamchire an abandoned formerly prosperous port city. I got ready for breakfast and had some with the family. Afterwards I spontaneously skyped with a friend. The time went by and soon the sky turned from blue to grey, the clouds from non-existent to dark and thick. When the rain started I already had decided to take ‘a day off’ and stay with the family at home. It was relieving and actually nice for my head that still had to work on some impressions. We had long talks that day about everything with the help of translation software, freshly pressed juice, melon, and sandwiches. While the rain was pouring down on the garden we sat in the open kitchen, covered by the house’s second floor that served as awning. Dima, Sergej’s brother in law, expected the sea’s waves to be big and thus fun. He decided for all of us that we would go to the beach as soon as the rain stopped. It was about late afternoon when we went. The waves really were big and we enjoyed our time in the water with the air cleansed by the rain and the sun going down quite kitschy behind the skyline of Sukhumi. When we were all dry and changed again Sergej and I made our way to the city center to walk around and find a bar to have a beer or two. The promenade was still active. Expensive looking bars were still open, people sitting outside, smoking, chatting, drinking. The atmosphere was very calm. It didn’t feel like a capital, nor like riviera life as I thought before. It actually felt like a bit snobbish small town at the sea side. With music and people’s noise low enough to still be able to hear the sound of the waves arriving from their long travel at the shore. A bit further away from the archway, we found a place that we liked. It didn’t even take 15 minutes after we sat down, that a big guy from the neighbouring table asked us if we couldn’t speak any Russian, since we talked in English all the time – because of me getting lazy to try Russian by hard. Sergej replied that he was Russian himself but that I was a German. That satisfied the man, didn’t make him interested though in talking about German cars or politics. He simply returned to his table’s conversation. After the second beer we also ordered something to eat. The pasta was good and after another drink and a long conversation about book recommendations we called it a day.

© Jan Fjornes

Next chapter of the “Abkhazian Diary” will be published on 25 of September. Title: Day #5 Tkuarchal – Abandoned In The Mountains.


  • ბლოგ-პოსტში მოყვანილი მოსაზრება ეკუთვნის ავტორს და შეიძლება არ ასახავდეს JRC-ის პოზიციას.
  • “აფხაზური დღიურები” ჯამში მოიცავს 5 დღეს.
  • ბლოგ-პოსტები, ასევე ითარგმნება ქართულ ენაზე.
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