Agro-Guild Declaration

Tbilisi 2018

Media organization/journalist

  • Responsible for covering the agricultural issues and throughout its activities aims to promote the development of the sector;
  • Sensational coverage of agricultural issues is unacceptable.
  • Responsible for disallowing inadequate coverage of agricultural issues, disseminating misleading information to the audience;
  • It is considered grave professional misconduct if the farmers or any agricultural sectors have been affected by inaccurate or incorrect coverage of agricultural information.

Civil society and business organizations, farmers and/or governmental institutions

Responsible for supporting and encouraging editors and journalists involved in covering agricultural issues by providing proactive dissemination of information and making it public and accessible;

  • Understanding the importance of communication oriented on the development of agriculture, they should support sustainability and productivity of mass communication projects;
  • Closely monitor the problems in the agricultural development process and express readiness to respond to them.

Educational – research institutions

  • Understanding the importance of the development of agriculture, they encourage and support implementation of research projects, experience sharing, gaining knowledge, growing professional skills and developing employees or people wishing to be employed.

Agro Guild members confirm the roles of the stakeholders/players in the development of agriculture and express their readiness to solve current problems in agricultural sectors and encourage and promote agricultural development.

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